Product designer
Adobe XD
Project Overview
The rent report feature of the app would allow our users to track their rent payments, this would in turn help our user to build their credit score with Experian, Equifax.
Project goals
- Design and create the new digital feature Rent Report for the Credability app.
- Create a dashboard for the new area and tracking system.
- Design additional and complementary feature that could enhance the main feature.
The Competitor analysis
For our app we had a quite a few competitors, those being apps like Clearscore, Totallymoney as well as others. What we had notice was that none of those apps currently offer this service, apart from an app called CreditLadder. We started our research and analysis there, before moving on to other apps and inspirations.
Lo-Fi wireframes
UI Kit 
To ensure consistency throughout the process of the Hi-Fi prototype, a UI kit was developed. this helps in the long run of the app and future digital products being created, as we can always add and take away from the Design system
The Onboarding
The Dashboard
These are the two versions of the rent report app that were created, left being a earlier iteration, and the right being created after stand up with content team and business analysis. 
What I learned
Working on this project was more interesting and engaging than I expected it to be. It allowed me to take charge of my own product and develop it as a member of the design team. It was also really interesting developing and creating a digital product that isn't really in the market, but can definitely help our users to improve their credit score, which in turn will definitely improve their lives in the future. At each and every stage of the design thinking process, I had to constantly validate ideas and findings with solid reasoning before proceeding with the next steps. Testing needed to be done to our user base to discover errors and possible pain points that may be used. These findings may be added at a later date.
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