The Story 
Fudes is a food networking social media platform, established on the concept of “food porn” content. This platform would allow you to cook your meals and upload own recipes also, the community can also like and give ratings on how much they appreciate your content.
Problem / Project Goals
create an application for a community and also how it would be used, catering towards a group of users that would like to make the most of their food related content, and its use on a day to day basis.
I feel as if there is a big gap in the social media market, this is catered towards the food photography genre, scrolling through instagram I see hundreds of food photos weekly, but it just stops there. In my opinion there are so many people that could thrive from a application like this. 
Users could range from the average coffee pic taker all the way to professional chefs promoting their restaurants or cooking adventures. The range of users that could be interested in the application could be very interesting.
questionnaires for the public 
We put out a survey to get an idea of how and what people like about “food Porn”. We were interested in creating a small collection of data about how well a food social media service would benefit, It also provided insight into the need for a community.
Lo Fi Wireframe
The Problem 
Issues that I feel may occur already, they range from users not using the platform for food related posts, and how can we as a company make sure that customers stick to food related posts. Another issue I can see happening is people who have a particular dietary preference, may not be happy with certain recipes being posted on the platform, due to them thinking it is inhumane or possibly even animal cruelty.
Room for Growth
With this being a social media platform the room for growth is huge, and users can be rewarded through companies sponsoring their content, this could range from chefs being sent new utensils to use in their day to day cooking, or home cooks being sent specific ingredients for them to add to their new recipe.
Next Steps
I’d like to create a coded prototype to really test the efficacy for my design. Although the simulation is promising, testing a more accurate prototype would give me more accurate results. I could also do some Maze user testing. This would allow me to see how consumers would navigate the app through heat signatures.
What I Learned
This project was one of the first projects as a solo designer. I was intrigued by the idea of not being held back by having to explain my ideas to someone else along the way. With that being said, I didn't realise how beneficial it is to have someone to bounce ideas off of, which could sometimes slow me down, due to me overthinking certain aspects of the design or core process'. 
What would I do differently
One of the things I wish I could change would be some AB testing. This would just allow me to have some more user testing under our belt. 
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