A case study for a fictional luxury streetwear brand, trying to start the process of reaching new customers and how they can correctly display their brand within the digital world.
some companies that match the brand "Pins + Needles" are brands that have a certain image in the media for being seen as the new fashion houses of the streetwear world. These are brands like Off white, A-cold-wall, Rhude, Palm angels and many more can also be named in this new age of Luxury fashion.
After competitive brand analysis I have noticed that, you can almost feel the tone of voice they are trying to portray through their online services. It seems as most brands use the colours black and white for their design palette, with the potential for a standout primary colour.

The brand "Pins + Needles", is a brand that wants to be within the luxury streetwear world, with high quality fabric pieces. Their ethos is the idea of being curious of the world, by not really conforming to the norms and being a knight in shining armour if need be.

Target audience 

between the ages of 21-30 
high amounts of disposable income 
fashionhead / sneakerhead inspired
uses social media heavily
most likely into music genres such as hip hop, R'n'B, Afrobeats
I decided to put together a set of interviews from the people I felt answered the questionnaire effectively. The questions I asked were relevant to the fashion industry on a whole and how they felt a Luxury streetwear brand was holding up in that scene.
I asked about…
How long they think streetwear will be able to last in the fashion industry
What made them so interested in streetwear compare to other styles of fashion
If they think about the price when buying pieces
...Among other questions
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